Install and Setup
- Super Kanji Search for Windows

Install and setup "Super Kanji Search" as shown below by using the downloaded file

Note1: There is the case that the file extension is not displayed.

Note2: Also, there is the case that Windows has to reboot after installing Super Kanji Search. Before you start the installation of Super Kanji Search, exit the unwanted apps in advance.

How to Extract the File

Extract the downloaded file

How to Install Super Kanji Search

  1. Double-click the extracted file "cksearch_setup_1.0.4.e.exe" to start the setup wizard.

    Note1: If the following warning window appears, click [Run].

    Note2: If the message "Windows protected your PC" appears on Windows 8.1/8, run the program by the following procedures.
    the message, Windows protected your PC appears
    1. Click [More info].
      Click [More info]
    2. Click [Run anyway].
      Click [Run anyway]
    Note3: If the User Account Control dialog box appears on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista, click [Yes] or [Accept].
  2. Click [Next].
    Super Kanji Search Installer
  3. "End-User License Agreement" is displayed. Read the agreement carefully. Then, select "I accept the agreement" and click [Next].
    End-User License Agreement
  4. The install folder is displayed. Then, click [Next].
    Define the install folder

    Note: If the following window appears, click [Yes].
    Folder Exists

  5. The window for the additional font selection is displayed. Select "Full" and click [Next].
    Additional font selection
  6. The window for the program group selection is displayed. Click [Next].
    Program group selection
  7. The window appears, which tells the software is ready to be installed. Click [Install].
    Ready to be installed
  8. In the process of installing the software, the dialog for GTK+ library installation appears. Read the message and click [OK].
    Confirmation dialog for GTK+ installation
  9. Click [Next].
    GTK+ setup window
  10. Click [I Agree].
    License Agreement
  11. Click [Next].
    Choose Components
  12. Click [Next].
    GTK2 Runtime
  13. Click [Install].
    Choose Install Location
  14. The window appears, which tells the installation of GTK2-Runtime is completed. Click [Next].
    Installation of GTK2-Runtime is completed.
  15. The window appears, which tells the setup of GTK2-Runtime is finished. Click [Finish].
    Setup of GTK2-Runtime is finished.
  16. The window appears, which tells the setup of Super Kanji Search is finished. Click [Finish].
    Setup of Super Kanji Search is finished.

    Note: If the following message appears, click [Finish].
    Your PC reboots.

    Message for reboot
  17. After the installation, the folder C:\Program Files\Personal Media\cksearch and C:\Program Files\GTK2-Runtime are created. Besides, [Super Kanji Search] and [GTK2 Runtime] are added to the program group.

How to Start Super Kanji Search

  1. To start "Super Kanji Search", double-click the icon of "Super Kanji Search" added on the desktop.
    Desktop icon of Super Kanji Search
  2. When you start the software, the panel for the license key appears until you input the license key. You can select [Cancel] and continue to use the software, as long as the trial period is not expired.
    Panel for License Key